Duplicating and distributing our recordings either on the internet or physically for any purpose outside of church activities or services is prohibited. 

Videos may only be used during church services or group meeting such as small groups, kids group or bible studies etc.

**Only Churches with a CCLI license may play these videos during church activities***

We reserve the right to refuse service/purchase from those who have violated the above "terms of use" 


Upon purchase of our videos, We (visual-worship.com), give the buyer permission to display said video during church services.


Once you purchase one of our videos, Visual-worship will purchase (at our expense) a digital download of the song or instrumental version of the song included in the video. This purchase will be made within 5 working days and will be attached to our copy of your receipt.  If you need a copy of the receipt for the digital download contact us by e-mail.


All images used in our videos are either royalty free or have been obtained through a subscription license with several image/video providers. Visual-Worship.com has a performance license for the songs used in the videos with 2 of the major PRO (performance rights organizations).  

Videos may only be shown during church services

To clear publishing rights in order project our videos which may contain copyrighted lyrics or songs during church services, you will need a CCLI Church Copyright License

To clear the publishing rights for live streaming of copyrighted songs, you need a CCLI streaming license. If the feed is 'broadcast' live, that is the only license you need and every song found in our library is covered by that license. You will still need to report any songs used back to CCLI in the normal way. To find out more, please visit www.ccli.com

If you are recording your service in advance to post on the internet for your congregation to view later or you distribute it via some other storage medium (such as CD, DVD etc), you may need a different license. 

To read more about the publishing rights for a church, please go to the below websites:

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