Frequently Asked Questions

Does my Church's CCLI license cover the use of your videos?

Yes, if you have a CCLI number you are covered as long as it is during church services. This also covers the use of these videos for any other group meeting that is part of your church activities (small groups, kids groups, bible study classes, etc.)

How do I purchase one of the videos?

If you are using a computer do the following:  Watch the video you want to purchase. While video is playing, a "buy now" button will be located on the bottom left side of the screen. Click on the "buy now" button and then add it to your shopping cart
If you are using a cell phone or tablet do the following : Click on the title of the video and this will take you to a new page. Once on the new page there will be a "buy now" button below video on the left. Click on the "buy now" button and then add it to you shopping cart or buy it now

How do I receive a video that I purchased? 

Videos are sent to you by a download link. There are two ways in which you may download your video purchase
 1. After you purchase the video, there will be a "Return to Merchant" link at the bottom. Once you return to merchant, it will take you to a download video page
2. You will also receive an email with a link to download the video
*** If for some reason you are unable to download the video or do not rece
ive an email with download within 4 hours, send us an email at***

What is the difference between full version, instrumental version and image version?

Full version:
Contains someone singing along with background music, images and the lyrics shown on the screen (Unless this is an Acapella version, which means there is no background music).  
This version is recommended in situations where you want a vocal guide to help lead your congregation or you would like your congregation to just see and hear the song and it's message
Instrumental version:
Contains the music and images, has no one singing and the lyrics shown on the screen. These are recommended in situations where you already have someone to vocally lead your congregation.
Image version:
Contains the images from the video only and the lyrics shown on screen. This version is recommended for those churches that do not believe in the use of instruments during a church service or for those who have a band and/or a singer and would like the video to play in the background while the band and/or singer is performing

What is the format of the videos?

All our videos are high quality, Full HD (also known as 1080p HD format), 1920 x 1080 and are MP4 compatible.

I noticed a typo on the lyrics in one of the videos or some other problem with the video, can I request a corrected copy?

Yes, please send us an email and if we deem this an appropriate problem, we will send you a corrected copy

Are the songs on the CCLI song select list?

Yes. Also the CCLI song number will be included with your receipt and is also displayed on the preview of video

How can my church legally use the videos supplied by

Anytime you project copyrighted lyrics or songs during church services, you will need a license.

CCLI Church Copyright License legally allows you to make copies, digital or physical, of copyright-protected lyrics for projection or display during congregational singing. To stream or podcast will need an additional license from CCLI called a Streaming License. To learn more go to CCLI


Also read these articles about showing videos during worship service and

All images used in our videos are either royalty free or have been obtained through a subscription license with several image/video providers. has a performance license for the songs used in the videos with 3 of the major PRO (performance rights organizations), BMI, ASCAP and SESAC.  

How to play videos on Zoom?

There are two ways to share video on zoom: 1. In zoom "click" the share button and then select share screen. Then find the video on your device and start playing the video (this is the quickest and easiest way) 2. If you have downloaded the video to drop box, google drive, one drive or share point, go to zoom "click" share button and select where video is located.

TIPS: If you are using zoom on a computer consider creating a file folder with videos so it is easy to locate. If you are using zoom on a cell phone or tablet consider creating a new photo album and place the videos in this photo album. I find sharing screen is the best and easiest way. Also make sure video is unmuted and you and all attending meeting have their audio unmuted

****Send any additional questions to us at***