Why should I pay for your videos when I can get a worship video for free on Youtube?

Because of the quality of our videos and how our videos correlate to the message of the song. The videos on Youtube are not very clear especially on a big screen. All our videos are high quality and high definition videos. Most worship videos on Youtube do not convey the message of the song through images. Some may have one or two images  whereas our videos have multiple images and mini clips that enhance the message of the song

We already have a worship team so why should we use your videos?

Having one of our videos play on a screen while your worship team is playing and/or singing will enhance your worship service. You will find that by muting the sound on the video and having it play alongside the worship team, your audience will be more engaged because of the visual story our videos tell. The video will help bring the message of the song to life and in doing so, the audience will be able to connect and understand the message better. 

You may also consider having one of our videos play at the end of the sermon that ties into the message of the sermon.  For instance, if the sermon was about shame and forgiveness why not use our music video Glorious Day or our message video about Forgiveness. Or if sermon is about salvation why not use our music video Jesus Paid it All or I Surrender All. 

* Compatible with most major presenter software

* Compatible with Zoom (see FAQ to read how to play videos on Zoom)

* FREE preview of the full video (Will have Visual Worship logo on video but downloaded version will have logo removed)

* Music videos that reflect the message of the song. The videos contain carefully selected images and mini clips in order to proclaim the message of Jesus Christ

* Sermon message videos about faith, forgiveness, hope, peace etc. These videos include bible verses, mini clips and graphic quotes along with subtle instrumental music

* CCLI song number provided on preview video and on receipt

* High quality videos in standard MP4 format that are high definition 1920x1080

* The music videos have 3 different arrangements: Full version (has vocal, music and lyrics) -  Instrumental Version (music and lyrics)  - Image version (has video images and lyrics. Great for those who wish to play along or do not believe in instrumental music)

* 2 different styles songs - Traditional (those found in the church hymn books) and Contemporary

* Congregation Friendly Arrangements on the instrumental and image versions (no extended solos )

Why Visual Worship

There is no denying that our culture today is dominated by images in our everyday life. Because we are a society of people who relate more to an image rather than a spoken word, I felt there was a need that was lacking in our churches today and that need is more visual worship.

Per MIT Researchers "We remember about 10% of what we read, but we remember almost 80% of what we see or experience"

Rich Kirpatrick from Share Faith Magazine wrote " Dr. Leonard Sweet in a recent National Worship Leader Conference shared a new term he created: “Narra-phor” Dr. Sweet who is a thought leader in culturally connecting our faith, reminded the attendees that the language of the culture we live in today speaks with narrative and metaphor. Imagery and story are very visual. If we apply worship visuals with this in mind, we are actually speaking the right language."


Luke McElroy wrote this in an article in Sunday Mag "Visual worship is creativity, design, environment, and art engaging people on a deeper level to be rendered in a posture of worship and adoration toward our Heavenly Father."

"Visual worship is not about what your eyes see, it is about how our mind and heart and spirit connect with and respond to God through those things our eyes see." - Cameron Ware

Alphabetical List of Videos

Check back often, new videos are being added weekly

10,000 Reasons  -  Because He Lives

Believer - Blessed Assurance

Days of Elijah - Glorious Day

 How Great is Our God

 How Great Thou Art - He Knows My name 

 Here I am to Worship - I'll Fly Away

I need Thee Every Hour - In the Garden

I Surrender All - It is Well with my Soul

Jesus Paid it All

 Oceans/You Make Me Brave - Open the Eyes of my Heart

Shout to the Lord - The Anchor Holds

 The Battle Belongs to the Lord - The Old Rugged Cross 

Wayfaring Stranger  - What a Beautiful Name

 Worthy is the Lamb


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